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Coral Earrings / Traditional

Traditional Croatian gold earrings with corals from Split – Dalmatia.

Material: gold 585/1000
Other: corals
Colour: yellow
Production: handmade – filigree

As in other parts of Dalmatia and the Croatian coast, the influence of Venice is clearly visible in the design of jewelry from Split. Pieces were normally made from gold using either the filigree technique or granulation. It was then decorated with pearls, corals or gemstones. It takes a significant amount of time and expertise, as well as the talent of a master craftsman, to create such pieces.

“Košarice” earrings decorated with pearls and corals are the most famous among traditional Split jewelry. The “tremanat”, a tiny pin made out of several delicate spirals decorated with tiny gold particles and pearls, is particularly attractive. The central pin is normally in the shape of a flower or little bird. Women from Split used to use this piece as a special hair accessory for their intricate braided hairstyles.

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